Here are a few candle care tips from us to you:

  • The first time you burn our candles, it’s important to allow it to burn for 2-3 hours to create a full “melt pool”. this means the melted wax reaches all the way to the edge of the container.
  • This ensures a clean, even burn all the way down. if the first burn is too short the candle will only burn down the middle, creating a tunnel.
  • The wood wick is our favorite thing. It requires a touch more maintenance, but creates a beautiful flickering, crackling wide flame.
  • To care for the wood wick, simply pinch off any split portion of the wood wick gently between to fingers before being re-lit.
  • All our candle containers can be re-used. Just wash out the container with warm soapy water.
  • The Status Jars are intended to be re-used as a cocktail glass, just remember it isn’t dishwasher or microwave safe because there is real gold on the glass.
  • Burn time for the Apothecary Jar is 75 hours, Status Jar is 60 hours, Travel Candle is 15 hours.